Tal-El Productions,

Jerusalem 2009

Tal-El Productions, Jerusalem, is an award winning Jerusalem based video company with twenty years of experience in producing public relations, educational and fundraising films, through award winning documentaries. Tal-El Productions is a highly professional and solid enterprise- all equipment from digital cameras to state of the art AVID editing suite is property of the company. Over the years, Tal-El Productions has produced films for a wide variety of non-profit organizations, including the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, the World Union for Progressive Judaism, the Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Experience- all films about Summer Programs for years, MASA: Longterm Israel Programs, the Pardes Institute, Hebrew University, Hadassah WIZO Canada, B’nai Brith, AVIsrael and many more.

Director Biography

Eli Tal-El was born in Jerusalem on November 27, 1952.  Before he chose to pursue a career in film-making, Eli served as an officer in the Israel defense force and susequently was a professional tour guide.  Beginning in 1985, Eli worked as a special events photographer; however, in 1989 when his twin daughters were diagnosed with profound hearing impairment he released his first film The Power of Hearing. Since then Eli continues to film and direct award winning documentaries. In addition to his film career Eli is a successful saxophonist who plays throughout Jerusalem Area. Eli had the fortunate opportunity to play with the late great Arnie Lawrence, who served as the inspiration for his film I Hear a Rainbow.